Friday, October 1, 2010

Les Chocolates

OK, I'm totally going to fudge this entry and pretend that I'm right on time with publishing every day in October, but I've actually already fallen off the wagon.

I have to urge you to buy the CD by the Carolina Chocolate Drops called Genuine Negro Jig. Holy cow, what a fantastic group of musicians. The young woman who does the lead vocals is trained in opera, but KILLS on the folk-type music. The group does a little-known tradition of black, Southern, string-band music. They're preserving part of American history, and making amazing music!

The clip below is of a cover of a hip-hop song that I really think they do better. Enjoy. And then go buy the CD. Srsly.

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  1. OH! Guess who opened for them in Orlando last Friday! My friend, Keith. The one I went to see before going to the 'rents house. He loves them too!